Laholmsbuktens VA

3G mobile solution for wastewater pump management

Application: 3G connections for monitring remotely located wastewater pumps
Location: Halmstad and Laholm, Sweden
End customer: Laholmsbuktens VA
Products: MRD mobile router 

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Laholmsbuktens VA has streamlined its communication between pumping stations and the control room using the  MRD 3G / 4G router from Westermo; a solution that saves money and increases system security and control.

Laholmsbuktens VA is responsible for the public water supply and waste water treatment in Halmstad and Laholm in southwestern Sweden. The activities include diversion and treatment of waste water and management of surface water.


Until recently, Laholmsbuktens VA’s only option to communicate with its pumping stations was via leased line and dial-up modems; an obsolete solution which occasionally requires extensive servicing. Laholmsbuktens VA has experienced problems with humidity and water affecting the cables in the ground and causing the data communications to stop. In other locations where new stations are built, terrestrial cable is not even available. Investing in new cable is an expensive process, so Laholmsbuktens VA has chosen to solve their problems with wireless broadband technology.

By using the MRD 3G / 4G router from Westermo, Laholmsbuktens VA has modernized the data communications to the pumping equipment in a cost effective, safe and efficient manner. Unlike the previous solution, wireless communications are not affected by weather conditions or other elements that may interfere with terrestrial communications. This solution also has the ability to communicate with remote locations at a cost of a 3G subscription, in comparison to the extensive and expensive work to invest in and maintain kilometers of new copper cable.


The previous solution was very slow as a dial-up modem had to call up each station to retrieve the current status. The MRD mobile router allows for a much more effective real-time overview of all stations in the system. System monitoring can now be carried out on a completely different level than before.

”Our new solution is still in its infancy, and the possibilities are huge,” say Gunnar Vallin and Lars Bengtsson, electrical technicians at Laholmsbuktens VA. ”One idea is to allow the pumping stations to communicate with each other automatically. If a pump reaches its maximum capacity, we can set the MRD to connect to other pumps and stop them from sending more water. The MRD units lay the foundations for a network that can be expanded for future needs.”, says Gunnar.

”We’ve had some problems with the terrestrial network, but basically had none at all with the mobile solution and the MRD router. We are very pleased with how it works and this helps us to increase our quality and service level to our customers”, says Gunnar.

Laholmsbuktens VA will continue to install the MRD routers in new pump stations, but also upgrade existing stations if necessary. The solution was implemented in the Halmstad municipality, but is already exported to the neighbouring municipality of Laholm, which at once realized the benefits of mobile technology and the MRD 3G / 4G router.

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Jennifer Mooney-Perrotta

Customer service, Westermo North America

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