Industrial network configuration tool

WeConfig makes network configuration and maintenance more efficient, simple and reliable. Many hours of work can be saved in the initial installation, as well as in ongoing maintenance throughout the life of the network. Time-consuming tasks can be automated and configuration updates can be deployed in bulk. WeConfig minimizes the risk of configuration errors and makes it simple to optimize network security. A properly configured and monitored network with simple and robust maintenance processes will minimize any risk of network downtime.

A reliable assistant

Simplified, reliable and documented network configuration. WeConfig will save you time by automating time-consuming routine configuration. It also eliminates the risk of misconfiguration caused by human error. Previously difficult configurations is simplified, and can be performed in a couple of minutes with just a few clicks.

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Protect your network

Cyber security deployment and analysis. Simple deployment of system wide security features minimises the risk for unauthorized access. Security analysis lets you find and fix network vulnerabilities. WeConfig makes it easy to create and maintain a robust network security standard.

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Find and fix problems before they happen

Diagnostic tools for high network reliability. WeConfig makes your network transparent and gathers all information in one place. The simple user-interface makes diagnostic and monitoring easy. The network topology map is adjustable to your needs and detailed information down to every link is arranged in a simple and intuitive tabular layout.

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A project lifetime solution

Efficient and reliable maintenance. Save time by using WeConfig to perform time-consuming maintenance work, such as automated backups and upgrades. Software upgrades can be performed safely as the configuration can be tested before applied and rolled back to a previous version if needed.

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WeConfig data sheet

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Video tutorials

Watch our video tutorials to see just how simple and fast configuration tasks can be acheived.

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