Galvanic isolation


Did you know the SDW range of switches is one of a small number of switches where all the RJ-45 ports are galvanically isolated from each other including the screen?

 The SDW range of switches is almost unique in the datacoms world as the individual UTP ports are isolated electrically from each other.  On a standard switch, the screens of the UTP cables are all connected together at the point where the cables plug into the RJ-45 sockets. On installations where there is a high level of electrical noise or where there is a difference in the earth potential between two sections of an installation, the joining of the screens will allow the noise or current to flow through the screens to all other parts of the installation. The noise and current flowing through the screen can cause interference in the Ethernet signals resulting in lost or corrupted data.  The SDW remove this possibility and effectively isolates the screen on each section of cable, therefore stopping the noise or current propagating through the installation.

Jennifer Mooney-Perrotta

Customer service, Westermo North America

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