WeConfig MAC filters


Did you know WeConfig can create and deploy MAC filters across a whole system with only a few clicks of the mouse?

Every Ethernet device has a unique hardware MAC address. This address can be used to lock a port on a managed Westermo switch to only accept a device with the specific matching MAC address. However, applying these filters can be very time-consuming. Typically, each MAC address has to be entered against the port where a device is connected one by one, switch by switch. In large networks, the process of adding MAC addresses will take a long time, and mistakes are easy to make. MAC filters also make replacing the connected device problematic, for example, if an RTU or PLC needs to be replaced then the MAC filter will need to be changed to include the new address. The combination of the time it takes to configure, the risk of making errors and the level of maintenance often lead to this important cybersecurity defence not being used.

WeConfig NCM (Network Configuration Manager) removes all the issues around deploying MAC filters with just a few clicks of the mouse. WeConfig looks at each switch and compiles a list of MAC addresses on each port. The MAC addresses are compiled into a filter list for each port ready for download to the switches in the network ensuring an easy, fast and accurate deployment of MAC filters across the whole network. WeConfig can also go further by analysing the gathered MAC addresses looking for addresses from the same vendor. Where the same vendor is detected on the system, the MAC filters are adjusted to allow for easy replacement of the end device without the need to reconfigure the switch.

Jennifer Mooney-Perrotta

Customer service, Westermo North America

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